Wardrobe Staples

Women’s Wardrobe Essentials

Happy Wednesday everyone! Can you believe that Christmas is in 5 days? Time needs to seriously slow down. If you are a super last minute shopper we have several gift guides for you to check out HERE. Gifts for the hostess, beauty lover, gifts for him, cozy girl.. we’ve got it all! We could go on and on about how much we love the holidays, but let’s get to what this post is really about.

Every women needs to have wardrobe essentials in their closet! Clothing that can be dressed up or down, mixed & matched, and worn with just about everything you own. Let’s talk wardrobe staples we personally think everyone should have in their closet from basics all the way to staple items.

Basic Wardrobe Essentials For Women

When it comes to basic wardrobe essentials we believe you should invest in nice quality items. Whether that’s a white or black tee, a striped tee, a good pair of boots, or jeans!

White Tee & Black Tee (a staple in our closet)

Basic tees are a must have in your closet. White t-shirts are ideal layering pieces for just about any look. You should own a long sleeve (including a button down), short sleeve, and a tank top! We promise they’ll come in handy. A white shirt can be worn with a pencil skirt, a pair of black dress pants, your favorite jeans, or even some shorts. When choosing a basic tee choose a shirt that skims over your body, but doesn’t cling to you! 

Just like we mentioned above same goes for a black tee. They’re a versatile item to have in your closet that will go with anything you own. 


Striped Tee (a staple in our closet)

We love our stripes! There’s just something about them. Just about anyone can pull off stripes because of the many styles. Stripes are so versatile that can be paired with not only denim, but prints as well.

The striped tee I’m wearing (Lydia) is one of my favorites because it’s such nice quality. It’s a thicker material with a little bell sleeve that I just adore. 


Henley Top ( a staple in our closet)

We both have just recently purchased several different colors / styles in henley’s. You can find them just about anywhere, but some of our favorite places are: Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, and Abercrombie. We personally think it’s great to have mix of some loose fitting and tight fitting henley tops.. depending on the occasion and just what you are going to be wearing. You can quickly throw on a leather jacket, cardigan, or a fur coat with your henley and instantly look put together!


A Good Pair Of Boots  (a staple in our closet)

Boots can be worn year round! We believe that every closet needs an ankle bootie that can be worn with shorts, jeans, skirts, and dresses. Along with that, we love having a pair of over the knee boots for the winter time. They look great with jeans, faux leather leggings, skirts, and dresses!

As far as quality goes, it honestly depends. You may find a pair of boots for under $50 that are just as great as a pair of boots that are $200.


 Everyday Jeans (a staple in our closet)

When it comes to jeans IT IS worth paying extra money for a pair of jeans that fit and flatter your figure! Denim with lycra will hold there shape and show off your shape better than an all cotton pair. When choosing a wash that everyone should have in their closet, a dark wash is the best wash to choose. A dark wash and a slimmer fit looks more polished and professional!!


Black Dress (a staple in our closet)

Even if you don’t wear dresses often, you should always have at least a few to choose from for when you may just have to bust one out. If you’re going to own one dress, it should be black.. LBD!


Black Pants (a staple in our closet)

Whether it’s a pair of black trousers or black skinny jeans they are a great item to have in your closet! We love our ripped jeans, but will always have a pair of non ripped black skinny jeans / black trousers.. you never know when you might need to wear them, especially if it’s a more formal event. 


Outfit Staples That Keep Your Style Versatile

Items that aren’t necessarily considered a basic wardrobe essential, but every women should still own in their closet. 


Not everyone is a fan of heels and that’s totally okay, but you should at least have one pair in your closet. Black pumps especially! We did a whole post on best affordable shoe brands HERE explaining on what to look for when buying shoes and some of our favorite brands (heels included). Definitely check that out if you need some help and don’t want to break the bank!


A Couple Statement or Go-To Bags

A statement bag or a go-to bag, it’s up to you! We both have of our go-to bag that we use everyday until a new one is needed, which could honestly be years. That being said, we like to splurge on our handbags to get nice quality that will hold up for a good amount of time. 

We love a good statement bag and Shein is a great place to find a ton of handbag dupes for great prices. A handbag can really make an outfit, that’s why we love adding them for an accessory when styling our outfits. Not only that, but a statement bag is great for a night out with your friends.  



A blazer is a classic item that everyone should own because they never go out of style! We go into more detail about all the different types of blazers HERE and why you should own a blazer HERE. Blazers can be dressed up or down and they honestly flatter any body type! 


Suede / Leather Jacket

A great layering piece that can be added to just about any outfit. Just like everything else we’ve mentioned in this post, you can easily dress a suede / leather jacket up or down according to what you’re doing that day. They are also great if you are wanting to add a little bit of edge to any outfit!


Graphic Tee

We live in graphic tees! The best part is there are so many to choose from that you’ll find one for everyone’s style / taste. They’re beyond comfy and can easily be worn for a lazy day at home and then transformed for a night out to dinner or hanging with friends. 



A camisole is a great layering piece to have in your wardrobe. They can be dressed up with some black pants and a blazer for a more dressed up look or you can go for a super casual look with some joggers and a chenille sweater! Cami’s are easy to throw on and super comfy for any time of the day. Plus, you can find so many different styles / materials: lace, velvet, silk, cotton, v neck..












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      Aww, thanks Brittan! We truly do appreciate you reading our blog!

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