Loungewear Styled Two Ways


Aerie-Crop-Sweater Aerie-Lace-Up-Pant

(Wearing a small in both the lace-up pants 25% off and chenille sweater 12% off)
I have said it before and I will say it again, I love white pants and love to wear white year round! So when I saw these Aerie lace-up pants, it was an easy decision for me on which pair I wanted to buy. I paired it with this chenille blush sweater, and if you have been following us for awhile, you probably have figured out that I am blushed obsessed. It seems like that is the color that I continue to gravitate towards!
Let’s get real for a moment – most days, my hair isn’t done, I don’t have much makeup on, and I have thrown on whatever is comfy. When I am like that, I just feel blah! My goal is to try and recreate this look more often because I don’t know about you girls, but my mood truly does seem to elevate if I am dressed in clothes I love. This lounge wear look truly makes me happy. I love that I have my cute Nike tennis shoes, my jewelry on (love my JORD watch and SoLayneDesigns bracelets), with my hair and makeup done. I can run my errands and just feel good. Plus, if I run into anyone I know, I don’t have to turn quickly around and pretend I don’t see them. Don’t judge.. you know we have all done that!


Aerie-Sweater Aerie-Lace-Up-Pant

(Wearing an XS in both the lace-up pants 25% off and chenille sweater 12% off)

This is seriously my go to outfit! I was lounging around today and my friend asked if I wanted to go get something to eat. I may have had my pajamas on, so I quickly threw on this exact outfit. I scrunched up the pants a little because something about it just makes the outfit look so effortless and chic and slipped on my fave Golden Goose sneakers. And can I just tell ya how soft this Aerie sweater is? Right as I walked into the coffee shop I got a compliment on how much the girl loved it and how soft it looked!

I also have been loving adding a watch to these kinds of outfits. I haven’t worn this stone watch in forever, but I love the white marble face and the simple look. Talking about watches I’ve been eyeing this MVMT watch lately. Give me all the rose gold please!